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Why Choose Lux Builders & Remodeling

Why Choose Lux Builders & Remodeling

Why to choose us for your next construction and remodeling project:

Vast experience that brings lots of knowledge in all areas of residential construction.

  • Thoughtful and efficient Design. We can utilize any design style as well as bring all the latest trends to your home. Please visit our photo gallery and visit our page on www.houzz.com/pro/luxbuilders. We are full-service firm from design, blueprints, and administration to construction and completion.
  • We developed high flexibility in our work to ensure a smooth process and completion according to customers’ needs. This flexibility is hard to find! It takes in-house crews and long-term relationship with subcontractors and vendors to brings the benefit of VIP treatment and priority for each one of our projects: from small bathroom remodeling to custom home building.
  • All finish work, as well as framing work Lux Builders, will perform “in-house” to ensure maximum supervision and control over quality and efficiency.
  • Over the years, and with hundreds of successfully completed projects, we have built a solid team of subcontractors who give us the priority and high-quality work.
  • We have excellent professional relationships with the leading construction and finish material vendors in Southern California and other states for all the material purchasing for your project. It took many successfully completed projects to build these teams and a healthy professional relationship.
  • We gained knowledge through experience in working with different rough and finish construction materials. We will advise you and assist you in the selection and purchasing process of all the building materials.
  • Project management, Lux Builders team strives to oversee challenges and bring solutions to every project we build and construct.
  • Lux Builders & Remodeling is a family owned and operated business; we truly care about our customers and all the crews and teams we work with. The majority of our clients become friends, and we spend time together even after the project is completed.
  • We continuously update our knowledge to bring the newest trends in design, materials, as well as craftsmanship (application) directly to your home and to your project.
  • Working in full collaboration with local cities and authorities. We’ve worked with the most city inspectors in the South Bay area and the City of Los Angeles; they are familiar with Lux Builders and our quality of work, which allows smoother and faster completion.
  • Lux Builders is licensed and bonded; we carry workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.
  • Lux Builders is accredited by several industry associations such as NKBA and BBB.

Visit our Photo Gallery and our page on www.houzz.com/pro/luxbuilders for more ideas.

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