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Solar & Green Construction

Solar & Green Construction

Green Remodeling On a Budget

As a wave of environmental awareness continues to take the world by storm. Environmental gains will appear through drastic decreases in water consumption and electricity use, and satisfaction will come in the form of economic dividends. These include lower energy costs, qualification for tax breaks and rebates and the ability to market a property to buyers or tenants as being environmentally friendly.

Energy efficient projects come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from as simple as changing light bulbs to as complex as performing a complete remodel. Remodeling an entire home will result in the largest efficiency gain, but can become quite expensive. Often, when cost is a major concern, making a few minor changes will be the most practical strategy.

Even with the current price premiums on many energy efficient technologies, savings can be realized sooner by taking advantage of the many existing rebate programs. The federal tax credit program for home improvement expired Jan. 1 of this year, but many opportunities still exist to earn discounts on purchases of energy efficient products.

Improvement in energy efficiency will increase the value of your home and contribute to an improved public image from your neighbors. If environmental awareness continues to spread, the demand for energy efficient remodeling will surely grow.

Lux Builders & Remodeling will lead you through this green “grey” area and provide with important tips and suggestions.

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