Complete Remodeling / Renovation

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Complete Remodeling / Renovation

Complete Remodeling / Renovation

You love the neighborhood, your family outgrew the house and the existing layout simply does not work with your lifestyle, you are concerned with going through the ordeal and the administration, which is an integral part of  a new construction process. 

The solution is a complete remodeling and renovation. We strip the house to the studs, you have options of adding a square footage or not and/or change completely the layout, complete kitchen remodeling, complete bathrooms remodeling, new bedrooms, new flooring, new electrical, plumbing, etc. These types of projects are very popular in the current economy. 

Lux Builders & Remodeling is a full service construction firm, we will handle every stage of your complete remodeling / renovation, starting with thoughtful, efficient architectural and interior design, blue prints (if structural changes are involved), gradually progressing to material selection / purchasing, construction and final completion. 

Complete remodeling is highly recommended when you are limited in time, budget and would like to avoid the time consuming bureaucracy and administration that goes into new construction process. 
Visit our Photo Gallery and our page on www.houzz.com/pro/luxbuilders for more ideas. 


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